General Info

Ashtanga is traditionally practiced six days a week. We understand that for some students this is not possible and recommend students to commit for a minimum of two to three classes per week to experience most benefit.

If you practice six days a week, please rest on full moon and new moon days. Women should rest 1-3 days during their period and not do any inverted postures during this time.

If you have any injuries or are pregnant, please inform your teacher before class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book or I can just drop in?

You can drop in, no booking is required.

Do I need to bring a mat?

Mats and props are provided but please bring your own towel.

How long are the classes?

All regular Ashtanga classes are 90 minutes. In Mysore style class it depends on the length of your personal practice.

Do you sell packages??

We offer pre-paid class passes for 3 and 10 classes, plus an unlimited monthly card. Click here to go to prices.

Can I join in if I’m late?

In Mysore class you can drop in between 7am -7.30am. In the led classes we prefer not to not have any late comers. In case of emergency and you are 5-10 minutes late, please sign in before class and we will arrange payment after class.

Can I pay with credit card?

Sorry, until further notice only cash is accepted.

I never done yoga, can I do Ashtanga?

We have special beginner classes. You can also attend the Mysore style classes, and we recommend you commit for three classes per week. Anyone can practice Ashtanga! Click here to see the schedule.

What do I wear during an Ashtanga class?

Anything that allows you to move freely – whether that’s leggings, baggy clothing or shorts. Whatever you feel comfortable in!

Where do you teach?

We are now teaching at the Ecosfera Hotel in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Please visit our contact page to look at the location on Google Maps.

Can I freeze my pre paid card?

Only in case of sickness or injury.

How can I arrange a private class?

Please send us a message via the form on our contact page, or send an email to

How can I arrange a chanting class?

Please send us a message via the form on our contact page, or send an email to

It is very important to learn the Ashtanga yoga tradition from a trained teacher who follows the lineage of Guruji. Ashtanga yoga is not a form of exercise or another style of yoga, it is a method of self realization. Having a flexible body or not has nothing to do with your inner journey, that’s not the purpose of this powerful yoga practice.