Private Classes

Please find more information about our different types of private classes below.

Private Class Ashtanga

For whom who would like to learn the Ashtanga yoga method one to one or for whom who already have a steady Ashtanga Yoga practice. If you want to deepen you practice and get adjustments and advice individually in a safe quiet space. Depending on location; home visits are possible. Both Sara and Fernando are teaching regular private classes upon your request. For more information Please read about Ashtanga yoga practice and about Sara and Fernando.

Private Class Recovery

It is important, always consult with your physician if yoga practice is appropriate at this stage. The recovery yoga is designed for students after trauma, injury, accident, surgery or for whom who needs injury prevention, acute care, maintenance of specific areas of the body. Fernando makes a plan individually how to work progressively to make your whole system stronger, healthier and more flexible. After a serious accident he was himself 10 days in coma after that he stayed one year in hospital. Literally he has been traveling from wheelchair to second series Ashtanga yoga practice. He has a unique sense and knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection and has helped many students.

Private Class Pregnancy

Traditionally it is not advices to practice Ashtanga yoga during your first trimester. You should always consult with your physician to know if yoga practice is suitable. All pregnancies are different and the goal is not to progress it’s to nurture yourself and the baby within you. If you already have a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice you will be introduced to appropriate modifications of the Ashtanga asanas as the morphology of the body changes. Attending Mysore class is optional. If you are new to yoga Sara will design a practice that works for your pregnancy and it’s needs. You will also be introduced to different breathing exercises to prepare you for delivery. She is highly qualified and experienced prenatal yoga teacher and has been practicing Ashtanga through out her own two pregnancies.


There is possibility in arranging a chanting class either one to one or in a smaller group setting. You will be chanting the ancient texts, mantras and sutras in Sanskrit. Chanting is like “three-dimensional understanding” or the “yoga of sound” and it has been a sacred practice for thousands of years across many spiritual traditions. The chanting will help oxygenate the brain, slow down the heart beat and calming the brain activity. By repeating the sound stimulates our system both physiological and psychological. Chanting is known as a practice of bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion).

Sara is a direct and dedicated student of Dr M.A Jayashree at the Anantha Research Institute (Mysore, India) since 2002. Jayashree is following the traditional Indian system and has a very special, melodious, magical voice.